Affiliate program

  • What is Affiliate Program?
    – Affiliate program is a marketing tool that helps Internet businesses to increase visitor traffic to their websites. Subscribing for our affiliate program, you promote our website and share our revenues.
  • Do you know that…
    – Affiliate program earns money for you 24×7 even when you sleep, eat or make love
    – Affiliate program can become a start point for your own Internet business
    – Employment affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs, because employment industry in USA and Canada is booming.
  • Our employment affiliate program is designed to bring you more money
    – For most affiliate programs available on the Net you need to have your own web page to be an affiliate. Sometimes they require you to insert html code in your web page and use their banners as a rule. With our employment affiliate program there are much more opportunities to earn money. As a member of our affiliate program you are given a unique URL address. You are free to choose HOW to advertise it. You can either post it on your website, or put it in all your emails, or just tell it to your friends. The more ways to advertise you will find, the more money you will earn.
  • How much can you earn?
    – You will earn 20% on each visitor who came to our website via your unique URL address and made an order.
  • What else?
    – We provide you with a collection of our cutting-edge advertising banners, which you can also hyperlink to you unique URL.
    – You will be able to access your affiliate profile online anytime and see the number of visitors who came by your referral, as well as number of orders they made and amount of money you earned
    – As soon as your revenue reaches $25, you will receive a check by mail.

    Our employment affiliate program is 100% FREE

    Please, read our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions before getting started

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