From an employment opportunity to a job offer: the role of Employment Agency

  • Employment Agency (especially a big one) often serves several employers at the same time. That’s why employment agencies often have many employment opportunities available.
  • Employment Agency usually selects a small number of candidates, who they think are right people for an employment opportunity available from their client. If you get in their list, your chance to land the job is very high.
  • Employment Agency often enhances your resume to target it to its client position. Employment Agency knows employer’s expectations and prepares you for your interview. 
  • Employment Agency is highly interested in your employment. If you get hired it will earn its commission.
  • Most big and wealthy companies rely on Employment Agency in their employee search. 
  • Even if Employment Agency doesn’t have a position for you at present, it will keep your resume for future employment opportunities. Professional Employment Agency seeks to have long-term relationships with its clients. When a new employment opportunity appears, Employment Agency looks for candidates in its own database first. 
  • Employment Agency often provides you with a whole bunch of additional free employment services. For example, it can give you an employment guide – a book or brochure that helps you with all the details of job search process: how to get started, how to prepare your resume, samples of resumes and cover letters, how to do networking and much more.
  • Employment Agency never charges job seekers; it gets money from employers only.
  • If you are looking for contract employment opportunities, consulting firms are what you need. A consulting firm is not an employment agency formally, because it hires you directly and resells your working hours to its clients. However, consulting firms work the same way as employment agencies do: they search for qualified candidates, they do pre employment screening and they help you to get a job.
  • Employment Agency’s website often looks like a job index site. It has job postings, and you can post your resume on the site. But you will certainly agree that it’s much more effective and time-saving to contact Employment Agency directly and to contact hundreds of them within half hour.

That’s why was created for you – to help you get the job of your dream easily and fast. is a database of about 5,000 recruiters across USA and Canada. It contains all existing types of Employment Agency (from independent recruiting agents to multi-location agencies, consulting firms included as well). Let us shorten your way from an employment opportunity to a job offer”;

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