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Why should I have my resume distributed via resume distribution service?

  • Because it will save your time and effort in your job search process;
  • Because it’s a 100% risk-free service (money back if you are not satisfied);
  • Because we are highly interested in the success of your job search. We spent years of hard work to develop this quality and effective service.

What should I do to have my resume distributed?

  • select the country where you want to get a job;
  • select your job area (specialization)
  • select the state/province;
  • select the city;
  • look through your list of head hunters and checkmark those who you want to delete from the list. Or just go to the next step.
  • fill out the order form;
  • include your cover letter and attach your resume (MS Word or RTF document)
  • Click “Submit”

Can I preview my order before submitting it?
Yes, you will be able to preview all details of your order and return to the previous steps if necessary.

I submitted my order. What is next?
If you select to pay by credit card, you will get on the secure site of our Internet Payment Provider InternetSecure. You will be asked to fill out your cardholder and credit card info. After submitting your transaction you will receive an electronic receipt from InternetSecure. Simultaneously, the copy of the receipt will be sent to us.
If you select to pay by cheque, you will be asked to fill out a cheque and mail it to one of our addresses (in USA or Canada).

How long does it take to process my order?
The process of resume distribution takes around 30 minutes depending on the number of companies in your mailing list.

How do I know that my resume has been sent?
You will receive a confirmation email with the link to your resume distribution report (RDR). ID and password will be provided in the email to log into the page. The RDR will show you the list of employment agencies to which your resume was actually sent. You can add your comments to the list and access it anytime.

How will my broadcast message look?
It will look the same way as if you emailed your resume to a head hunter yourself. Your cover letter is the main message of the e-mail, and you resume is the attached file.

How will head hunters react to my resume distribution?
They will react the same way as if you emailed them your resume yourself. The trick is that it would take weeks for you to send this number of emails yourself, whereas our program does it in minutes. Usually head hunters start responding you during the first two weeks after distribution. You may also receive instant auto-replies from head hunters.

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